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The Preamble

Once upon a time I lived elsewhere. And by elsewhere I mean all kinds of places all over the U.S. and I liked it. In fact, the idea of owning a home and putting down roots gave me irregular breathing patterns and a slight skin rash. Then I fell in love with a boy I knew from High School on a recharging session at my mom's back in Houston. We made a baby and this is where you fast forward 17 years.

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About Me


A brand new expat in S. America just dying to tell the tale. You can usually find me cursing, gluing, glittering, planning a party, drowning in snark, judging the way everyone does everything, and attempting a band new hobby I've sworn "can't be that hard". All at once.

I'm mom to a bright, gorgeous 17 year old human boy and to an 8 year old long-haired Chihuahua. Been with my main squeeze for 22 years, but first laid my 16 year old eyes on him in High School. His incredible work ethic is the reason we're in Guyana and I guess I have him to thank for the random naked man I drove past on a busy city street yesterday. Stick around and I'll tell you all about it!


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